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CP Mask: This mission for the nation, Part 10 is accomplished by 5 weeks, free mask factory.

Free mask factory For medical personnel and the public, expected 1 week with distribution through Chulalongkorn Hospital To hospitals and medical personnel nationwide Success in 5 weeks

April 10, 2020 Senior President Thanin Chearavanont Announcing thanks to the team That made the mission of building a factory to produce free masks for Thai people Of the Charoen Pokphand Group Completed on a 5-week schedule to produce a mask. Spending more than 100 million baht, targeting 3 million pieces per month, giving to medical personnel as the first group through Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, CP Senior President, confirmed the mask distribution. Must have your doctor perform CP specializes in production. But who will know What part of the medical personnel will need? Must have doctors distribute CP and receive guidelines And will support as much as possible with increasing production capacity To be sufficient to help Thai people Ready to ask to help fight COVID-19 To win asap And prepare to open a business After the crisis In order to make Thailand the first country to recover economic conditions

This free mask factory built. Is a factory that produces free masks for Thai people Completed on a 5-week schedule, as announced by Senior President Thanin Chearavanont on March 5, until the deadline today, April 10, machines to produce surgical masks are ready to be produced from date. April 16 after this permission. From the Food and Drug Administration

In the midst of the COVID-19 situation That spread throughout the world All Thai people have to help each other. CP is the same We must do our best in times of crisis, and we are not alone. Thanks to the teams in China and Thailand because there are many obstacles. Especially during this period the measures to supervise the strictness of exports. Has a much higher level And the number of fewer flights than 70% makes it difficult to predict flights, especially China. That has a machine but is considered Every country wants Especially China itself It is also necessary, but with the good relations of both countries Has helped to transport machinery back in time Which the company had to charter a charter plane, brought 2 machines to Thailand and successfully installed Targeted to produce 3 million pieces per month, donated to Chulalongkorn Hospital, the Thai Red Cross Society, delivered to medical personnel. And distributed free to the public

For CP's free mask factory for Thai people, there is a modification of the 3rd floor building, Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. to build a sterile room. And suitable for using machinery Manufacturing a mask Which, if already running Only one human labor will be used, while the operation of the machine will have three materials to produce a mask. And ear strap Which CP invented innovation In packing products to be sterile, which obtained AI technology from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Senior President of Charoen Pokphand Group acknowledges that the production of masks It is one intention to help medical personnel and the people at CP Group, while investing in various supportive budgets. Such as providing food to healthcare professionals and their families. The opening of the sale of food at 20 baht per box, not increasing the price of the product because of a good understanding of the affected economic situation Therefore would like to introduce Thai people to cooperate with the government to stop this epidemic And take the time during this time to prepare to start doing business as soon as Thailand has no epidemic in order to recover the economy as soon as possible.

Credit: We are CP

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