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Greenhouse cover plastic (Standard formula) width 3-6 meters


plastic cover for house (Standard formula) 1 roll

3 m x 100 m x 100 microns
3 m x 100 m x 150 microns
4 meters x 100 meters x 100 microns
4 meters x 100 meters x 150 microns
4 meters x 100 meters x 200 microns
5 m x 100 m x 150 microns
6 m x 100 m x 100 microns
6 mx 100 mx 150 microns
6 mx 100 mx 200 microns

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Plastic greenhouse cover, standard formula, suitable for plants that need a lot of light to grow. The light transmittance percentage in the PAR range (400-700 nm) is 89-91% (light trasmission in PAR = 89-91%). country and abroad

  • Made of heavy-duty LDPE and LLDPE raw materials, these are exceptionally strong and durable grades.
  • Put on UV protection and pesticides. To extend the life of plastic housing for a longer time than before
  • Excellent quality film, tough, resistant to storm winds, not easily torn
  • Flexible Easy to install
  • The width is 2-6 meters, reducing the joints between the sheets. Makes installation easier and more convenient.
  • Produced from a high-performance multi-layer machine, resulting in a plastic formula covering the house with various special properties.
  • such as light diffusing plastic, plastic to reduce water droplets, plastic to reduce heat, etc.
  • Developed by a team of modern agricultural experts and polymer technology engineers. researched and developed with
  • Farmers who have been using real users for more than 15 years.
Weight 50 kg
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