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Solid black plastic pond liner (PE)


PE plastic pond crab is an important innovation in the management of shrimp pond or fish farming in solid black (PE).

4 meters x 100 meters x 500 microns
6 mx 100 mx 150 microns
6 mx 100 mx 200 microns
6 mx 100 mx 300 microns

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PE plastic (or what villagers call "" PE cloth ") is an important innovation in shrimp pond or fish farming management. By having to choose plastic to cover the pond High efficiency Resistant to sunlight To move towards the goal of efficient production And the quality of the output that is worth the real investment

The company's pond plastics have the following properties.

• Made from Heavy Duty Grade LDPE raw material with strong and durable properties.
• Add UV Additives (UV Stabilizer) and Anti-Oxidant additives to prolong the long outdoor lifespan.
• High flexibility. Can be laid according to the curved pattern well For ease of installation
Produced by modern machines (3-layer machine)
Suitable for crab ponds To retain water, especially in the dry season Or crab ponds to raise aquatic animals such as plastic crab, shrimp pond, plastic crab, fish pond, etc.
• The product has a quality guarantee policy.
• Confident in production quality and product quality. With the ISO9001: 2015 quality certification standard.


Benefits of PE plastic crab in shrimp ponds

1. The quality of shrimp yield improved. Shrimp weight, average weight of shrimp. Total yield weight Can be higher than soil wells approximately 20-30%
2. Can increase productivity per crop more than usual. Due to the improved efficiency of the absorption of oxygen and dissolved nutrients in the gums.
3. Can increase / speed up the production cycle. You can keep shrimp farming without waiting.
4. Prevent sludge build-up from leaching. And digging up shrimp
5. The shrimp feed is not buried in the lane. Shrimp is more convenient to eat.
6. Prevent vectors that will bring pathogens into the pond, such as crabs, insects, etc.
7. Prevent contamination of groundwater, prevent the penetration of toxic gas and iron rust both outside and inside the pond.
8. Control the environment in the pond to cause less changes such as temperature, PH value, etc.
9. Improved water circulation in the pond. Save electricity costs from the water mixer
10. Prevent soil slide around the edge of the pond.
11. Reduce the cost of pond preparation, food consumption and other nutrients or chemicals.
12.Cold rooms do not undercut. Because the shrimp are clean, beautiful, dark color, without the smell of mud
13. Promote the sustainable shrimp farming business

Weight 50 kg

4 meters x 100 meters x 500 microns, 6 meters x 100 meters x 150 microns, 6 meters x 100 meters x 200 microns, 6 meters x 100 meters x 300 microns.

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