CPF Pig Farm U Sabai Resort Style

CPF pig farm is comfortable, resort style, disease-free, odor-free, and sustainable living with the community. CPF's modern pig farming system Which has the concept of raising the resort to the company's farm With modern farming system Carefully caring for them to remain comfortable, happy and healthy throughout their time on the farm. It also controls the environment. Reduce global warming And impact on the community as well. Sterile and safe from the first step Raising pigs with care to make them comfortable. Green Farm is a sustainable co-existence with the community. Read the full version, click! Content credit Thank you: CPF Feed Solution for those who are interested in investing, build farms in accordance with Biosecurity standards, hygienic principles. Friendly to the community and the environment, you can ask for more information with the team. Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. provides construction services. And engineering for animal feed factory business Livestock farms, processing plants and integrated food processing plants Since the survey on site Design and installation Procurement of machinery and equipment Machine Parts And service both before and after sales Covers alternative energy Investments that will help you And save your business And more efficient