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Kasetphand Industries Co., Ltd. together with CPF (Thailand) Public Company Limited organized a Virtual Run to celebrate the 100th anniversary of CP.

Kasetphand Industries Co., Ltd., together with CPF (Thailand) PCL., invite everyone to apply for the Virtual Run event celebrating the 100th anniversary of CP with the objective of organizing the event.

  1. to donate the Chaipattana Fund to fight the dangers of COVID-19
  2. To promote health for the general public and employees
  3.  To stylize good deeds, CP's 100th anniversary
  4.  to campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Income after deduction of expenses, donated contributions to the fund The Chaipattana Fight Against Covid-19 Fund (and other epidemics) to take part in the project. “Constructing a True Negative Pressure Air Exchange Room and the Development of a Regular Patient Room into a Semi ICU,” a permanent barrier to protect healthcare professionals and patients. greenhouse from running shirts The fabric is made from recycled fiber 100% from the waste bank project "Khumka". Ready to exercise and build good health through the CP Run for Good Deeds activity with us today.

good deeds running Applications are open from 7 June 2021 and will close on 31 July 2021 at midnight. or will close the application immediately when the full number of applicants

cumulative running distance
Accumulate distance and result running from 25 July to 29 August 2021.

🔸Start recording running results and submitting running results between 25 July – 29 August 2021 according to the specified date and time only. by screen recording Or take pictures of walking / running results on devices such as treadmill dials, smartwatches, applications on mobile phones such as GarminConnect, Strava, Runstatic, NikeRun, Samsung Health, etc. as evidence.
🔸run anywhere Any form (walk in the park, walk around the house, run the street, trail, treadmill, etc.) accumulates distance, no time limit and number of repetitions.
🔸Only one time effect or incrementally delivered within the specified period only.
🔸Send proof of running, photos, photos to:

Apply at:

Application packages are as follows:

  • Package VIP 1 does not require running results (charity)
    Price 2000 baht
    Get a running shirt + medal + tax deduction receipt
  • Package VIP 2 collecting 100 KM running distance
    Price 2000 baht
    Get a running shirt + medal + 100 K Finisher shirt + tax deduction receipt
  • Package A accumulates 100 KM of running distance.
    Price 650 baht
    Get a running shirt + medal + 100 K Finisher shirt
  • Package B does not affect running.
    Price 500 baht
    Get a running shirt + medal
  • Package C doesn't have to affect running.
    Price 350 baht
    get a running shirt
  • Package D does not affect running.
    Price 250 baht
    earn coins

# What to get
🔸Running shirt (except Package D)
🔸Finisher Shirt (Package VIP2, A)
🔸Medals (except Package C)
🔸Hygienic mask 1 pack (10 pieces)
🔸Spray alcohol 1 pc.
🔸Obtain e-BIB (bib image)
🔸The right to win Lucky draw prizes, 280 prizes, total value over 70,000 baht.

Link to apply :
Application Deadline : 31 Jul 2021
Activity start (start) : 25 Jul 2021
End of activity (cut-off) : 29 Aug 2021
Result of internal activities (send result) : 25 Jul-29 Aug 2021
Start shipping shirts and coins : 1 Sep 2021 onwards
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