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Terms and conditions of purchase

Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Products (“Agreement”) by law are set out below. This is an agreement between you and Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. (“KPI”) governing purchases made through this website. ("I have read and accept the terms and rules of this website Terms and conditions ") Before proceeding with the order and payment To show that you agree to these terms If you do not agree to these terms Please do not click on  (`` I have read and accept the agreement And the rules of this website Terms and Conditions ”) and do not buy any products and services. On this website In these terms and conditions of purchase ("Agreement").

    1. "Buyer" means you who are the purchaser of KPIs and other products. From the seller through this website
    2. “Seller” means KPI, manufacturer and distributor of KPI products (Electronic Commercial Registration Number: 0105514001147).
    3. "Product" means other products, KPIs, and services. Sold by the seller on this website
    4. "Website" means the website
    5. "Normal product price" means the product price before discount.
    6. “Discount” means a discount, a discount, the price of points redemption, discount coupons or other discounts. That the seller gives to the buyer for the promotion
    7. "Social media" refers to the KPI's brand page on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

General agreement

This Agreement It is a sales contract between the buyer and the seller. If there is details on the Agreement for the Sale of Products under any KPI Trademark that differ from this Agreement, Details as specified in this agreement shall be used as a basis. Unless the buyer and seller have agreed otherwise in writing, case by case.

Price and payment

  1. The price of the item the buyer has to pay Will be the normal product price after discount As stated on this website Unless the buyer and seller have agreed otherwise in writing. Prices for products displayed on this website Prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) rate 7%.
  2. Buyers can choose to pay for the products by transferring money to seller's bank account. According to the list of service providers available in the checkout menu
  3. The seller reserves the right to make changes to the price of the product, discounts and other expenses. Appearing on this website without prior notice to the purchaser. There will be no retroactive effect on the items the seller has confirmed to accept the order.
  4. Vouchers, discount coupons and loyalty points cannot be redeemed or redeemed for cash.


  1. Goods will be sent to the buyer after the buyer has paid for the product and has provided proof of payment to the seller.
  2. The item will be sent to the shipping address specified by the buyer. The products will be delivered to the buyer within 7-10 working days, unless the seller has notified otherwise.
  3. The seller will inform the buyer tracking number by email. Buyer account and / or by other means As the buyer has requested in writing. And the seller can follow the request
  4. In the event that any product is wrongly delivered or is defective due to transportation You can request to return the product to us within 7 days from the date you receive the product. By calling us at 02-8176410, the product must not be activated, after more than 7 days we will not process your request.
  5. Buyers are required to fill out the information included on the receipt. And details of the delivery address accurately and completely
  6. If the buyer has completed the order. Details on the receipt And detailed delivery address Will not be able to change

Product ownership

Ownership of the merchandise remains with the seller.
Until the buyer has paid for the product

Exchange and return

    1. All products are brand new, KPI does not accept any exchange or exchange.
    2. If you have any questions about the product details, you can contact
      E-Mail: kp******@ks*.th

Communication method

The seller will contact the buyer regarding the purchase of the product via website mainly by email. The seller will send an email from any email address ending in @ which is the seller's official domain name. If the buyer receives the email from the other email address In addition to e-mails ending in @, buyers must be extra careful. Does not work or open any files Attached to those suspicious emails And notify the seller asap So that the seller can deal with computer crimes (cyber crime) and notify other buyers. Immediately

The seller may sometimes contact the buyer in other ways, such as by telephone. In such case The seller will provide the buyer's order details in detail. Confirming that it is a real contact from the seller. Not an impersonation If the buyer is contacted by any person Suspected of being an impersonation The buyer must notify the seller urgently. So that the seller can deal with criminals Ready to notify other buyers Immediately

force majeure

The seller reserves the right to assume responsibility for any force majeure events such as delays in delivery of the product due to Protest, Riot, Civil War Terrorism, war or natural disaster under such force majeure. Seller may not be able to meet some or all of the terms of this Agreement for a specified period of time, however, Seller will do his best to manage the distribution and delivery of the Goods as quickly as possible. Under force majeure that happened 

Governing law

Ordering products or interpreting the terms and conditions for purchasing products on this website shall be governed by Thai law. 

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