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Industry 4.0 Provider Turnkey Innovation

Provide construction services And engineering for animal feed factory business Livestock farms, processing plants and integrated food processing plants Since the survey on site Design and installation Procurement of machinery and equipment Machine Parts And service both before and after sales Covers alternative energy Investments that will help you And save your business And more efficient

FEED Complete range of animal feed factories, machine building, raw material storage and conveying systems After-sales service And machine parts 1 of 4 FARM Animal Farm And animal houses such as chicken house, pig house, vegetable greenhouse, Green house, including hatchery And a complete egg screening house for you 2 of 4 FOOD Providing construction services for food processing plants Food factory The process of slaughtering cold storage, refrigeration system and all-in-one utilities 3 of 4 ENERGY Provide alternative energy services Complete solar power installation And after-sales service in EPC form and fire sale in PPA form. 4 of 4



We focus on providing services to maximize your satisfaction. "Because you are our important person" Tank, Silo, Conveyor and Cooling System Inspection Services And other equipment Surveying and maintenance service In order to return the machine to its original state Machine optimization service (Overhaul) and training service And machine maintenance With a team of specialized expertise And modern tools Covers Feed Farm Food and alternative energy businesses Before and after the sale

  • Fast service within 24 hours 24/7
  • Provided by specialist services
  • There are genuine parts ready to serve.
  • Use modern tools and equipment
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