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Silo Truck (Bulk Feed Truck)

Animal feed truck (Silo carBulk Feed Truck size 9-60 Cubic meter capacity 5 - 30 tons 


Kasetphand Industry Company Limited  Is a provider of feed trucks (Silo car- BULK TRUCK  Integrated  With the size of the truck to choose from according to customer needs  Along with after-sales service from expert engineers

KPI silos

  • Produced by modern machinery according to ISO standards
  • Fast food loading within 7 minutes
  • The body structure is durable, lightweight, can hold more food.

Feed truck size - BULK TRUCK

  1. Animal feed truck (Silo car) 9 Cubic meter model KPI-BT - 9M with a capacity of 9 cubic meters or 5.4 tons, installed on a 6-wheel vehicle.
  2. Animal feed truck (Silo car)16 Cubic meter model KPI-BT - 16M capacity. 16 Cubic meter or 9.6 Tons of installed on cars 6 wheel
  3. Animal feed truck (Silo car) 22 Cubic meter model KPI-BT - 22M capacity. 22 Cubic meter or 13.6 Tons mounted on a 10-wheel vehicle
  4. Animal feed truck (Silo car) 26 Cubic meter model KPI-BT - 26M capacity. 26 Cubic meter or 15.6 Tons to be installed on a 10-wheel vehicle or trailer.
  5. Animal feed truck (Silo car) 29 Cubic meter model KPI-BT - 29M capacity. 29 Cubic meter or 17.4 Tons mounted on a 10-wheel vehicle
  6. Animal feed truck (Silo car) 34 Cubic meter model KPI-BT - 34M  Capacity 34 Cubic meter or 20.4 Tons installed on a 12-wheel vehicle
  7. Animal feed truck (Silo car) 55 Cubic meter model KPI-BT - 55M Capacity 55 Cubic meter or 28 Tons mounted on semi trailer sizes 3 shaft
  8. Animal feed truck (Silo car) 60 Cubic meter model KPI-BT - 60M  Capacity 60 Cubic meter or 30 ton  Installed on a semi-trailer size 3 shaft
Silo car model

Model KPI-BT - 16M with a capacity of 16 m3 or 9.6 tons, model KPI-BT - 22M with a capacity of 22 m3 or 13.6 tons, model KPI-BT - 26M with a capacity of 26 m3 or 15.6 tons. , Model KPI-BT - 29M with capacity 29 m3 or 17.4 tons, model KPI-BT - 34M with capacity 34 m3 or 20.4 tons, model KPI-BT - 55M with capacity 55 m3 or 28 Ton, model KPI-BT - 60M with capacity 60 m3 or 30 tons, model KPI-BT - 9M with capacity 9 m3 or 5.4 tons

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