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The KPI family joins forces with community taxis to deliver masks in the “Krua Pan Im” project

Kasetphand Industries Co., Ltd. (KPI family) led by Khun Phoomchai Traidlanont, Deputy Managing Director of Kasetphand Industries Co., Ltd., Managing Director of CP Social Impact Co., Ltd. and fellow employees. join forces with Public taxis in the community The masks were transported to all 40 Pan Im kitchen service units around Bangkok and its vicinities.

The “Krua Pan Im” project is a synergies between CP Group's business groups with partners, foundations, civil society organizations. Volunteer groups as well as media organizations A total of nearly 100 organizations have distributed 2 million boxes of cooked rice to people in more than 40 communities in Bangkok and its vicinity over a period of about two months to help alleviate the crisis from the unresolved epidemic situation. As a result, there are infected people awaiting treatment. quarantine home care group and those who are unemployed have a shortage of income By purchasing 1 million boxes of cooked lunch boxes from various restaurants and contributing another 1 million boxes of lunch boxes from CP, which began to distribute food since August 9, 2021, and the CP Group has also provided masks. Produced by CP, 6 million pieces are also distributed in the project.

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