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Humidity report and intelligent watering system

Agcura invented and incorporated sensor technology with agricultural knowledge to help solve various problems. To farmers With the objective of Thai farmers Able to do precision agriculture Which is an environmentally friendly farming strategy Increase the quantity and quality of the output And help save costs In which farmers can adjust the use of limited resources to best suit the local environment. Including the care and management of agricultural areas with maximum efficiency

Ackura, the genius helper that will make your gardening and growing plants easy. And more convenient
◼️ Real-time soil and air moisture report through application
◼️ control and manage watering at the right time and amount
◼️ Help save water, reduce energy
◼️ Increase productivity

With water supply control system
⭕️ Able to recommend the appropriate amount of watering.
⭕️ Order on-off water via mobile phone
⭕️ Saves water up to 5 times
⭕️ Save electricity and water pump 3 times
⭕️ reduce labor use 3 times

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