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How to raise laying hens for cost-effectiveness and profit?

Thai people consume an average of 260 chicken eggs / year, but the price of farm eggs fluctuates throughout the year. From such events directly affect the manufacturers. Or farmers who raise laying hens

Therefore, how will layman farmers deal with the situation? And it is necessary to study the cost of farming that is what are the 4 main items that would be recommended are

  • Food ingredients 
  • water
  • Vitamin pills 
  • House depreciation Farming equipment, wages, wages, time and more.

If the laying hens raise a plan Will produce good produce Get more eggs and be beautiful Can stand the peak for a long time

Raising the laying hens to be profitable You have to sell as many eggs as possible, so the market is important. If raising a small number Suggest for a market close to home Will make it possible to save on fuel and transportation costs But if raising a lot Must have a support market Because the laying hen will lay eggs every day If the egg is overflowing or cannot be sold It will definitely cause problems !!!

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