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CP Mask: This Mission for the Nation Part 10

The charter mission to transport the last lot of machines with raw materials to Thailand. Prepare to install a free mask factory for medical personnel

April 9, 2020: AfterSenior Thanin Chearavanont  Has a policy of investing 100 million baht to construct a factory to produce masks, give free to medical personnel and the public to prevent disease The latest situation of the global COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in all countries having strict measures on import and export. Which affects the importation of mask manufacturing machines The CP Group has made purchases from China. Including the difficulty of procuring raw materials In addition to the situation of flights from China, the number of flights decreased by more than 70% and has an uncertain schedule. Causing the need to adjust the day-to-day transportation plan for machinery

Because unable to predict clearly As a result, the CP Group team had to make important decisions by chartering to transport machinery and raw materials to Thailand within the specified timeframe. Which at this time the machinery can be imported completely Along with the key ingredient is Meltblown, which is a protective sheet for germs.

It is expected that assembly and testing will take another week. Before being ready to go into the production process Which will have 3 million masks per month As the senior president has announced

The key material for this mask production is a germ barrier or meltsblown. It is a rare raw material and the price has increased dozens of times from normal. This makes the purchasing process more powerful from networks and partners in many countries. Because they want to have raw materials to produce continuously

According to the production standard The mask consists of 3 layers. The first layer is spunbonded nonwoven (green) coated with hydrophobic additives to increase its waterproof properties. The next layer is a melt-blown (white) type nonwoven used to protect against germs. And the last layer is spunbond nonwoven (white), spunbond nonwoven.

Credit: We are CP

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