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CP Mask: This Mission for the Nation Part 5

Following the mission of the National Mask Factory EP.1 "… until becoming a national mask factory Full commitment 24 hours a day. "

ARound CP program by We are CP team and CP E-News Let's take everyone to stick. Establishing a sanitary mask factory "Free distribution" This mission for the nation after Senior President Thanin Chearavanont Announcement 5 weeks building 100 million factory to produce masks "Giveaway for free" and at the end of the Crisis, Covid-19 will give it to Chulalongkorn Hospital

The team has been in the area to talk with the person in charge of building the factory. And followed up to see the brothers and sisters of the working ants who joined together in the morning and evening Today, the construction of a mask factory has progressed a lot… everyone is determined to do this mission to the best of their ability…

Click to watch the clip: Episode 1 “… Until becoming a national mask factory. Full commitment 24 hours a day. ">

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