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KPI – KPG Business Direction 2022

Agricultural Products Industry Co., Ltd. and KP Green Energy Co., Ltd. are ready to move forward. enhance business Create sustainable growth according to the Charoen Pokphand Group guidelines

On February 7, last year, Kasetsart Industry Co., Ltd. and KP Green Energy Co., Ltd. managed to transfer policies and business strategies from senior executives. To the new generation of leaders and employees at all levels in the organization KPI – KPG Business Direction 2022, led by Mr. Veerachai Rattanabanchuen, Vice Chairman Agro-Industrial and Food Business Group and Mr. Somchai Paiboonpayoi Senior Deputy Managing Director Agricultural equipment business Honored to convey the policy of Charoen Pokphand Group and give recommendations for business growth By focusing on giving back to the country and the 6 corporate values, aiming to create good people, develop talent, provide opportunities, including retaining and building the growth of personnel along with the growth of the company. Guiding the enhancement of growth through diversified business models, synergies and building mutual success into a 100-year organization, following in the footsteps of the Charoen Pokphand Group.

For the KPI-KPG 2022 strategy conveyed by Mr. Poomchai Traidlanont, Deputy Managing Director. Focus on expanding core business and developing new business continuously. Create a full range of business FEED FARM FOOD + GREEN TECHNOLOGY focuses on creating organizational change through appropriate processes. Increase business value with technology and innovation. Networking with expert advisors while emphasizing on personnel development according to corporate culture principles, smart people, good people and having gratitude Including creating a new generation of leaders who are ready to learn and drive business with the owner's idea. and show the intention to operate the business with consideration to create a positive effect on the environment (Environmental) creates a positive effect on society (Social) and manages with good governance (Governance) or ESG, which is a factor in building a business to "Sustainability"

And the key factor in driving the business is the partner from the accounting department, person, purchasing, etc., confirming readiness to walk alongside the business as a Business Partner to build confidence in the team in moving forward with the business fully. by this time honored by Mr Abdullah Lert-Ariyapongkul Senior Deputy Managing Director Human Resources Contribute to the direction of creating people Driving business with good people and smart people, focusing on building a corporate culture for KPI-KPG identity and the way to build future leaders.

KPI-KPG values and values team power from everyone, all departments, thus communicating the goals and directions of the 2022 business thoroughly for synergies. Conduct business towards the goal with the same heart Proud of mutual success and grow together with the sustainable company “KPI-KPG GO TOGETHER”

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