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[Pre-Order] Temp Display


KPI Temp Display HT-01

Pre-order products 30-45 days


1. Can display date and time (hour, minute, second, day, month, year)

2. Can show the temperature(C, F)And humidity (%RH) model real time

3. Can show the clock Alternating with the temperature display moisture And day, month, year have

4. Can adjust the brightness of numbers. 10 degree Is0-9 The brightness can be seen in the distance. 50 m.

5. have Battery Backup Keep the time accurate even when the machine is turned off or the power goes out. Time is still the same.

6. Can work in Stand alone Or connect the system  Network  Up to 255 body

7. Have communication port RS485 (Modbus RTU) Can connect to the system  PLC & SCADA

8. The show is digital  RGB LED Display size 70 × 20 cm.

9.Alarm Input & Output 3 channel

10. Adjust parameter settings via infrared remote control. Wireless

11.The external structure is stainless steel waterproof material. IP67

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