Free Silo Inspection Registration

The harvest season is almost here, is your silo ready for storage…. Register with us today. Receive privileges for checking silos 4 items for free! With a team of trained experts And certified Standards for working in confined spaces Ready to receive the right to order silos And special price equipment from us Free silo inspection details 4 items from us Registration process 1. Add Line KPI official account via Link: Type the code INPSILO 3. Inform the contact details for planning information. And contact to make an appointment to explore the silo Receive registration from today - 30 June this year only. Add friends on Line and chat.

High efficiency pellet machine

Powerful, powerful pellet machine from Andritz with innovative design. Allows you to automatically adjust the die face roller. Quick replaceable die And it's even easier !! Pellet mills for feed production ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel Technologies offer a range of well-proven pellet mills – ensuring highly efficient feed pelleting. Today's demands for high-quality animal feed requires advanced pelleting equipment. Decades of pelleting experience and detailed. know-how of the pelleting process has …

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High efficiency grinder

Stolz's high-efficiency, powerful, and energy-efficient grinder that separates and removes stone chips. Scrap metal mixed in your raw materials automatically. good production capacity The grid can be replaced without stopping the motor. No need to restart the machine FEATURES Two-way direction of rotation up to 3600 rpm Effective screening area from 0.45 to 2.20 m² Quick change of hammers by tilting Change of screens during operations Continuous control of bearings and grinding chamber temperatures Adjustable feeding flap Grinding chamber fitted with grooved armor …

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Prefabricated Sheds Knockdown

Prefabricated house Design Knockdown from KPI closed-system housing Construction according to Biosecurity and Animal Welfare systems, professionally designed Meet the needs Under international standards ✔️ Strong ✔️ Durable ✔️ Easy to install, saving you time for installation. Increase work quality, reduce wages, budget does not escalate 👍🏼 Providing comprehensive services both at home and abroad 👍🏼 Take care of the export process abroad By a team of experts 👍🏼 with engineers to control work and construction of KPI at one place, complete all matters, ready-made houses Interested in products and products: Tel: 02-8176410 Email:

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