Yawap Greenhouses Inverter system Have it and make the most of it, part 1

It is believed that the pig farmers who have the EVAP system. Most of the fan speed is controlled with an inverter system. Will there be any that are actively used to full efficiency? If we own a farm and use the inverter by ourselves But still not working properly according to the potential of the system You can use this article as a guide. If it is an investor who hires animal husbandry to control, it can use this article to check the knowledge and understanding of the faithful children at the level and increase their knowledge and ability to use them to their fullest potential as investors have already invested in equipment Content credits Thank you: CPF Feed Solution can read more, click!

High efficiency grinder

Stolz's high-efficiency, powerful, and energy-efficient grinder that separates and removes stone chips. Scrap metal mixed in your raw materials automatically. good production capacity The grid can be replaced without stopping the motor. No need to restart the machine FEATURES Two-way direction of rotation up to 3600 rpm Effective screening area from 0.45 to 2.20 m² Quick change of hammers by tilting Change of screens during operations Continuous control of bearings and grinding chamber temperatures Adjustable feeding flap Grinding chamber fitted with grooved armor …

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Prefabricated Sheds Knockdown

Prefabricated house Design Knockdown from KPI closed system house Constructed according to Biosecurity and Animal Welfare systems, professionally designed. meet the needs Under international standards ✔️ Strong ✔️ Durable ✔️ Easy to install, saves you installation time. Increase work quality, reduce labor costs, budget does not escalate 👍🏼 Providing services covering both domestic and international 👍🏼 Taking care of the export process abroad. by a team of experts 👍🏼 with engineers, job control and construction, KPI in one place, complete everything about prefabricated houses Interested in products and products: Tel : 02-8176410 Email: ks*@ks*.th

How important is ventilation in the silo tank?

A: Why is there a need for silo ventilation? B: Because the stored raw material kernels such as corn, paddy, beans are still alive and have the ability to breathe and dehydrate, if grown they can still grow. In addition, silo venting helps to prevent moths and mold caused by heat and humidity. A: Why should the silo ventilate? B: Reasons for silo venting In order to keep raw materials in a dry state According to the desired conditions So that there is no mold And insects that will thrive To manage constant humidity Manage temperature regularly And maximizing storage efficiency, but the ventilation of raw materials in the silo tank Does not improve the properties of the raw material seeds But it will help the properties of the existing raw material grains to maintain a longer condition. A: When is the silo ventilated? B: To adjust the internal / external temperature not to make a big difference Or equalize (5-9 degrees) when hot spot occurs inside the silo. A: What is the purpose of venting inside the silo? B: To maintain the maize uniform at an average temperature of +/- 2 ° to 5 ° C during the day / night during ...

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What is a Silo (SILO)

If talking about Feed mill or animal feed factory. Probably not talking about silos Because silos are the key to building feed factories. Today we come to know what a silo is. And how does it work? "Silos" according to the Dictionary of the Royal Institute of Thailand 2525 means "large buildings. Made from durable materials, the interior is damp and ventilated. For storage of agricultural products temporarily before exporting. ”If easier to explain, silos are large tanks used to contain grains such as corn, cassava, flour, rice bran, etc. To store such large quantities of raw materials, the storage conditions such as temperature must be controlled. And humidity control to be at the appropriate criteria In order to control humidity not to damage raw materials A grain dryer is installed inside the silo to prevent mold and microorganisms that may cause disease. Silos are generally large round tanks and are usually made of stainless steel or galvanized steel. There are two types of silos available: hopper silos and flat silos. Both silos. Both have similar working principles. And there will be a conveyor (conveyor) ...

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