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How good is the KPI silo used? Why buy ??

Many of you may think that the silo is the same, but is it really like that? Today we will take a look at how good a silo truck or a feed crutches that many people call KPI's and what's the difference. Let's start with the product features… KPI silo is made of good quality steel. at light weight but still strong This makes it possible to pack more food per trip. The quality of the body paint that is resistant to corrosion. Makes the quality of paint durable for more than 5 years, the body does not bulge and is not easy to rust. special conveyor to help transport food better make beautiful food and does not break, including loading food more quickly automatic railing in accordance with safety principles with automatic control system for both the conveying pipe and the railing to make the use more comfortable In addition to product quality, safety and speed of loading products The production process is the main factor that we pay attention to. How is our production process different? Let's see… Silo manufacturing process KPI pays attention to every production process. And has been certified for quality and environmental standards according to the system ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 1. We use good quality steel in the body forming. make it lightweight but durable When the weight of the body is light It can use more weight to pack animal feed. 2. A standardized factory. There is a roof to protect from the sun and rain…

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Humidity report and intelligent watering system

Agcura invented and incorporated sensor technology with agricultural knowledge to help solve various problems. To farmers With the objective of Thai farmers Able to do precision agriculture Which is an environmentally friendly farming strategy Increase the quantity and quality of the output And help save costs In which farmers can adjust the use of limited resources to suit the local environment. Including the management of agricultural areas most effectively Ackura, the smart assistant that will make your gardening and crop growing easy. And more convenient ◼️ Help report real-time soil moisture and air through Application◼️ Control and manage watering at the right time and amount ◼️ Help save water, reduce energy ◼️ Increase productivity With a system to control the amount of water provided ⭕️ Can recommend the right amount of watering ⭕️ Order to turn on-off the water via mobile phone ⭕️ Save water up to 5 times ⭕️ save electricity and water pump 3 times ⭕️ reduce labor consumption 3 times Site Reference

CPF Pig Farm U Sabai Resort Style

CPF pig farm is comfortable, resort style, disease-free, odor-free, and sustainable living with the community. CPF's modern pig farming system Which has the concept of raising the resort to the company's farm With modern farming system Carefully caring for them to remain comfortable, happy and healthy throughout their time on the farm. It also controls the environment. Reduce global warming And impact on the community as well. Sterile and safe from the first step Raising pigs with care to make them comfortable. Green Farm is a sustainable co-existence with the community. Read the full version, click! Content credit Thank you: CPF Feed Solution for those who are interested in investing, build farms in accordance with Biosecurity standards, hygienic principles. Friendly to the community and the environment, you can ask for more information with the team. Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. provides construction services. And engineering for animal feed factory business Livestock farms, processing plants and integrated food processing plants Since the survey on site Design and installation Procurement of machinery and equipment Machine Parts And service both before and after sales Covers alternative energy Investments that will help you And save your business And more efficient

How to raise laying hens for cost-effectiveness and profit?

Thai people consume an average of 260 chicken eggs / year, but the price of farm eggs fluctuates throughout the year. From such events directly affect the manufacturers. Or farmers who raise laying hens Therefore, how will layman farmers deal with the situation? And it is necessary to study the cost of farming and what are the 4 main items that would like to recommend: raw materials, food, water, medicine, vitamins, house depreciation Farming equipment, wages, wages, time and so on if the laying hens rearrange plans Will produce good produce Get more eggs and be beautiful Can stand the peak for a long time In summary, raising egg chickens is profitable. You have to sell as many eggs as possible, so the market is important. If raising a small number Suggest for a market close to home Will make it possible to save on fuel and transportation costs But if raising a lot Must have a support market Because the laying hen will lay eggs every day If the egg is overflowing or cannot be sold It will definitely cause problems !!! Content credits Thank you: CPF Feed Solution can read more, click!

Yawap Greenhouses Inverter system Have it and make the most of it, part 1

It is believed that the pig farmers who have the EVAP system. Most of the fan speed is controlled with an inverter system. Will there be any that are actively used to full efficiency? If we own a farm and use the inverter by ourselves But still not working properly according to the potential of the system You can use this article as a guide. If it is an investor who hires animal husbandry to control, it can use this article to check the knowledge and understanding of the faithful children at the level and increase their knowledge and ability to use them to their fullest potential as investors have already invested in equipment Content credits Thank you: CPF Feed Solution can read more, click!

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